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Best places in Mt Tamborine to photograph

Best Photography Spots


Welcome to Mount Tamborine, a picturesque retreat nestled in the lush hinterland of the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. This enchanting mountain destination is a haven for nature lovers, offering photographers a bounty of breathtaking landscapes and charming scenes waiting to be captured. Join us as we uncover the best spots for photography in and around Mount Tamborine, from serene rainforest walks and majestic waterfalls to quaint villages and panoramic lookouts.

Cedar Creek Falls: Nature’s Majesty Unveiled

Begin your photographic journey at Cedar Creek Falls, a stunning cascade nestled amidst the verdant rainforest of Mount Tamborine. Follow the winding trails through ancient trees and fern-filled gullies to discover this natural gem, where crystal-clear waters plunge into cool rock pools below. Capture the awe-inspiring beauty of the falls, framed by lush foliage and dappled sunlight filtering through the canopy above.

Gallery Walk: Artisanal Delights and Quaint Charm

Explore the eclectic delights of Gallery Walk, a charming village hub that showcases the creativity and craftsmanship of local artisans. Meander through quaint boutiques, art galleries, and specialty stores, where handcrafted treasures and gourmet delights await around every corner. Capture the vibrant colors and unique textures of handmade wares, or immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere as locals and visitors alike stroll along the village streets.

Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk: A Treetop Adventure

Embark on a treetop adventure at the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk, where elevated walkways offer photographers a unique perspective of the ancient rainforest below. Wander through lush canopy trails and suspended bridges, capturing the intricate beauty of towering trees, cascading vines, and hidden waterfalls. From the gentle rustle of leaves to the melodious songs of native birds, immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the rainforest as you capture its timeless allure.

Curtis Falls: Tranquility in the Heart of the Rainforest

Discover the tranquility of Curtis Falls, a hidden gem nestled within the heart of Tamborine National Park. Follow the easy walking trail through towering eucalyptus trees and fern-filled glades to reach this picturesque waterfall, where a curtain of cascading water tumbles into a tranquil rock pool below. Capture the serene beauty of the falls, framed by lush foliage and moss-covered rocks, and listen to the soothing sounds of nature as you immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance of the rainforest.

Mount Tamborine Lookouts: Panoramic Views of Paradise

Ascend to one of Mount Tamborine’s scenic lookouts for breathtaking views that stretch as far as the eye can see. Whether it’s the sweeping vistas of the Gold Coast skyline, the patchwork fields of the Scenic Rim, or the rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean, these panoramic viewpoints offer photographers a feast for the senses and a canvas of natural beauty to explore. Capture the ever-changing hues of sunrise or sunset, or simply bask in the tranquility of nature’s grandeur as you witness the world unfold before you.

Mount Tamborine Botanic Gardens: A Floral Wonderland

Explore the botanical wonders of Mount Tamborine Botanic Gardens, where vibrant blooms and exotic plants flourish amidst tranquil surroundings. Wander through themed gardens and meandering pathways, capturing the kaleidoscope of colors and textures that define this enchanting oasis. From the delicate petals of rare orchids to the lush foliage of towering palms, there’s beauty to be found at every turn as you immerse yourself in the natural splendour of the gardens.

Mount Tamborine, with its rich tapestry of rainforest, waterfalls, and panoramic vistas, offers photographers a paradise of natural beauty and scenic delights. So grab your camera and embark on a photographic adventure in and around Mount Tamborine, where every moment presents a new opportunity to capture the magic of this hinterland haven.

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