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Party photograph during dance event by gold coast events photographer

Looking for a Birthday Photographer near you?

Guess what! It’s your birthday, or your Engagement party, or your next family gathering and you want to do it right. Before you get your best outfit on make sure you have a few things sorted, booked a venue, hired catering, sent out invites, booked your photographer, hired a DJ, then you can get your groove on.

What day suits you best?

Well what’s first, picking a date. You have two options here, going safe and picking either a Friday night or Saturday evening. These times will make sure the most amount of your best friends and family can make it but it comes at a cost… a financial cost. Venues charge a extra fee for these premium time slots. Your second option is any other day during the week, with these days you are far more likely to save money and ensure the venue isn’t booked.

Location.. Location… Location

So your dates in place and now you want a location / venue and you want it to be special. Your money saving options are your local tavern or pub, these places always have a function space and can often fit over 60 of your favourite people. The down side here the space will be limiting with what you can do with decorating  and to make the space more memorable is often a challenge. If you have a creative mind and money isn’t a worry for this event, a private party venue is your go to. All over the Gold Coast region there privately own warhorses, bars, and “Hire spaces” which you will be able to rent for the night to make your event the best it can be. Locations like Surfers paradise have the biggest number of licensed venues with dedicated party rooms. Other locations like Robina and Nerang is where you will find your warehouse style events space, great for your next hens night or baby shower.

Sending out Invites

This event is special and nothing says special like a hand written RSVP card with the events location, date and dress code. But going out and spending money on pens, paper, envelopes and designing something beautiful is time and money you can spend else where. Companies like Evite specialise in making your life easy by sending out all your event information all at once and make creating your RSVP list super simple.


Yes Catering, you need some food for your hungry guests. No this won’t cost an arm and a leg, most venues and locations dedicated to private parties always have catering options already in place. It can be as simple as asking the functions manager at your venue and without any hassle you’ll surprise your guests with the best put together event of the year.

Booking a local photographer.

You want to remember this night for years to come and the best way to do that is to hire a local photographer, Companies like Neish Media specialise in capturing your event in the way you want to remember it. This goes beyond the simple photos at the door, as a full nights package you will receive spectacular candid photography of your guests truly enjoying them selves, sharing stories and laughs with one another. Local photographers like this know the locations and the vendors who will be best for you, with their expertise they can recommend other services you might not have even thought of.  Additionally you can also get Video of the night, created into a short… (or long) highlight reel to capture not only moments but the feeling that the night had. Years from now you will still go back and watch over these videos and remember the excitement of your party.

So what are you waiting for, jump online, ring your venue, check your calendar, and get your friends involved and have the night of your life.